Success Stories #1

We decided to share some of our success stories on our website. Each one represents a prior client of ours that is now able to live legally and happily in the United States. Individual results may vary and some facts may have been changed to protect the identity of our clients. Please contact us at (415) 300-2144 for a consultation.


Sometimes the best compliment is the arguments raised by opposing counsel in their answering briefs before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

This was a very challenging asylum case involving a sympathetic client from Mexico that has no criminal history. On a very general level, in order to qualify for asylum, a person must be persecuted based on a protected ground. In this case, we had to establish a recognizable particular social group. Our client’s asylum case was denied before the Immigration Judge and the Board of Immigration appeals. We then appealed her case the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

We filed our opening brief with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. In the Government’s answering brief, according to the government, our law office "opted to take a series of previously rejected particular social groups and layer them one on top of the other hoping that whole will prove to be greater than the sum of its constituent parts.”

Undeterred, as aggressive experienced advocates for our clients, we were able to obtain a form of relief for our client in this very challenging case and she is now able to stay within the United States. This was great news to our client and we wish her the best.