Ongoing Yemen Crisis & Hardship for Yemeni Asylum Seekers Across the World

The ongoing Yemen Crisis has been called the world’s worst current humanitarian crisis. A civil war that has stretched on for years has taken a devastating toll on the country and its people. According to the United Nations (UN), at least 7,000 civilians have lost their lives and another 11,000 have been injured in the fighting, with most of the civilian casualties being the result of air strikes from a Saudi-led coalition of fighters.

The growing instability in the country has caused a devastating famine. 10 million Yemenis are “food insecure” and another 10 million are “severely food insecure.” In other words, two-thirds of the population is at risk of starvation. There have been reports of the slaying of humanitarian aid workers sent to the region to distribute food, medicine, clothing, and other necessities. The Yemen Crisis has become so drastic, Pope Francis visited Abu Dhabi to promote peace, in what was his first papal visitation to the Arabian Peninsula.

Yemeni Asylum Seekers Facing Trials & Tribulations

To escape the deadly civil war, thousands of Yemenis are crossing borders in hopes of being granted asylum elsewhere. Success has been mixed for these asylum seekers. There are stories of some being accepted in Canada, a far cry from their home country, but most are still feeling uncertain and unstable.

Hundreds of Yemenis arrived on the relatively small island of Jeju, South Korea, in 2017 with tourist visas. As those expired, they attempted to file for asylum. However, South Korea’s strict immigration laws have left them virtually stranded without a sign as to how the situation there will conclude. Protests from South Koreans have been heated, demanding the immediate removal of the Yemenis on Jeju.

Yemen is one of the seven countries on the Trump Administration’s travel ban list. It was placed on the list for reasons related to terrorist activities in the country. While asylum seekers are theoretically exempt from the ban, they have still encountered resistance, delays, and a generally discouraging immigration system.

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