Importance of Hiring an Immigration Attorney for Your Case

Entering the United States from a foreign country has never been easy. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has always had plenty of rules and regulations. In recent years, legal immigration has become even more of an uphill legal battle, though. Part of the Trump Administration’s campaign was focused on tightening immigration, not just illegal immigration.

With all of this in mind, if you are going to begin an immigration case, you should not move forward alone. Instead, get an immigration law attorney on your side at the beginning. By hiring an immigration lawyer, you effectively gain all of their own experience, insight, and legal knowledge for your case.

Your immigration lawyer should be able to help you with:

  • Choosing immigration form: The first thing about your immigration case might be the most important — choosing the right type of immigration for you. People can enter the country on employment-based visas or family-based visas, for example. Others might want to visit just as a tourist for a limited duration, and more still may seek asylum in America after encountering extreme danger in their own country. For an effective immigration case, you need to begin by first seeking the correct method of entrance.
  • Initial filings: When your immigration type is correctly selected, it becomes a matter of filling out the right forms and sending them to the appropriate immigration courts. Time is not on your side in an immigration case from the get-go, as USCIS systems and immigration courts are notoriously backlogged. As such, you cannot afford a single mistake on your form that could cause it to be rejected. If that happens, you need to start all over again, or you may even be barred from refiling until a certain amount of time elapses.
  • Responses: The USCIS will likely send you questions and inquiries about your immigration form, no matter how well it is prepared. It is important to promptly respond to these inquiries and provide all the information as needed. Your immigration lawyer will be there to provide the right answers and context to keep moving your immigration case forward.
  • Appeals: Immigration cases are difficult and intricate, and the USCIS has been accused of being eager to deny valid cases lately. In case your case is denied, your immigration law attorney can spring into action to file an appeal to a higher immigration court. An appeal asks a higher court to change or reverse the decision of a lower court, which means you could still successfully enter the United States after a case denial.

Legal Counsel & Moral Support for You & Your Family

Our San Francisco immigration attorneys of the Law Offices of Shamieh, Shamieh & Ternieden take pride in being able to help people and their families enter the United States to pursue their goals and dreams. We are completely familiar with immigration laws and rules, even as they are in constant flux due to the changing sociopolitical climate. Whether you want to visit the U.S. for an extended vacation, have a great job opportunity here, want to obtain a green card, or need asylum to protect you from a country in turmoil, we are the ones who can help!

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