How Can You Defend Yourself from Deportation or Removal?

As someone attempting to build a comfortable life for yourself and your family in the United States, there is probably nothing more frightening than hearing that the United States Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS) is targeting you for deportation or removal. Depending on how you were contacted by the USCIS, or even by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), it might reasonably seem like you have no choice but to leave the U.S. Do not be intimidated into hopelessness, though. No matter how severe the wording of your notice of removal, there is usually always a way to come up with a deportation defense that keeps you in the country for longer.

Filing for a Cancellation of Removal

The most direct way to stop deportation is to file for cancellation of removal. In effect, cancellation of removal petition points out “selling points” about yourself to the USCIS to convince them that deportation is unwarranted. An effective cancellation of removal dives into complex areas of immigration law that requires an intricate legal analysis of your unique situation. Working with a deportation defense attorney is highly recommended to make certain you are bringing forth a convincing and legally valid case.

Alternatives to Stop Forced Deportation

If you are not eligible for the cancellation of removal, then you are still not out of deportation defense options. You can file for asylum if you have reason to believe that returning to your home country will put you in serious danger of violence or aggression. For example, the ongoing Yemeni Crisis places virtually all Yemeni citizens in danger. People from Yemen should file for asylum as soon as possible, even if a deportation order has already been issued.

You may also be able to stop deportation by voluntarily departing the United States on your own. Voluntary departures look much better on your immigration than deportation. Think of it like entering a guilty plea rather than being convicted by a court.

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